• Scott Hallgren

    Scott Hallgren

    #Nashville #composer #film #music Music ninja seeks new challenge; commerce ≠ art; please fasten seatbelt before enjoying this ride; does not contain corn syrup

  • Luke Pensiero

    Luke Pensiero

    I do some stuff, it can be pretty cool.

  • Ted DiNola

    Ted DiNola

    Game developer and programmer/designer. My opinions are mine, and mine alone, and do not reflect those of any company/goverment/cult I associate myself with.

  • Kahlil Bonet

    Kahlil Bonet

    We all are stories in the end.

  • Introvertron


    Three words: INTJ, Asperger's, philosopher / interests: Jazz,psychology, literature, philosophy, theories / hate: something illogically unacceptable

  • Saswata Roy (Riju)

    Saswata Roy (Riju)

  • Luis F. Guzman V.

    Luis F. Guzman V.

    Technology, Music, Videogames, Graphic Design, Freelancing, Olympic napper

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