This is a re-post of the blog entry written for the official Playstation Blog, published Nov 4, 2020.

My adventures with Matt Nava began first with thatgamecompany’s Journey and continued with Giant Squid’s debut masterpiece ABZÛ. Now, a decade into this partnership we are poised to release The Pathless and I believe this one has pushed me harder than either of the previous two (and honestly, probably more than any score I’ve done, period).

I was lucky to be involved from the very beginnings of the project, and compose alongside Giant Squid’s development for over three years. In that time the conception of the score evolved a lot, both in terms of how it would be technically implemented into the game, but also more philosophically. Whereas ABZÛ is quite linear in its storytelling, The Pathless’ open world design demanded a different relationship between the player and the music. We had to constantly make fine-tuned adjustments about when we felt our job was to gently accompany the unguided wanderings of a player, versus when we should more aggressively inject into the game unapologetic emotion. …


Austin Wintory

Professionally curious about music. Composer for Journey, Abzu, Erica, John Wick Hex, The Banner Saga 1–3, AC Syndicate, Tooth & Tail, etc. Fan of humanity!

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